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Enjoy the hottest premium gay fetish sites from, where gorgeous gay men take sex far beyond the ordinary. Why go with the everyday, when you can see studs wrestling and getting fucked by machines, wearing leather, chains, rubber and jock straps? Our gay fetish videos give it to you the way to like it.

Gay Fetish Videos

Our video archive includes a wide variety of gay fetish action, with new exclusive HD gay movies added every week. Countless hours of video and a large library of photo galleries are ready for you to enjoy. Check out the array of fetish videos that have grown based on member feedback. We love finding new ways to push sexual boundaries. Themes include:

Gay Anal Fetish Sex

Some guys like a slow fuck, but not our Butt Machine men. These guys like it harder and faster than humanly possible. The only solution is to design a virtual fuck factory of high speed machines that ram large dildos into hungry man holes. Our conclusion: if we build it, they will cum.

Gay Machine Sex

Our gaysex machine movies include devices built from polished metal and variable speed motors that allow the operator to take total control. The lucky man on the receiving end might offer his ass up to the merciless machine in anticipation, as the massive dildo attachment is lubed up. As the dildo enters him, he feels the amazing sensation of being stretched open. The RPM is turned up slowly, teasing him. You wouldn't want him to get all his pleasure at once would you? He strokes his cock and feels it becoming stiffer with the increasing power of the machine. He moans ever louder and begs for more. The speed keeps going up and he pushes his ass deeper onto the dildo. In the end, he feels like he's being fucked by a semi truck, and he blows an intense orgasm onto the machine-shop floor. He's won the race to ultimate satisfaction. Enjoy this scene and many more in high octane anal sex videos. But be careful, this kind of sex can get you a speeding ticket.

After the anal sex with machines gets you off, you can switch gears and check out our athletic studs going at it on the wrestling mat.

Gay Sexual Wrestling Fetish

Ever wish you could snap your fingers and turn a televised sporting event into a naked fuck fest? Snap your fingers here and your wish will be granted. Our jocks have turned wrestling into a true full contact sport. Watch them displaying their physicality in hand-to-hand combat. Then watch them displaying some hand-to-cock and cock-to-ass combat. Yeah, we said full contact.

Wrestling Sex Videos

Gay sexual wrestling scenes are intense displays from naked, athletic males who fight to the finish in more ways than one. They earn points for submission holds as well as groping, fondling and stripping the opponent. They sweat as they strain against each other's muscular bodies. They become aroused by the close, naked contact. When a winner finally triumphs, he can't wait to take full advantage of the loser. He dominates his opponent in any way he chooses, especially with a severe face fucking and ass fucking. The loser receives all the humiliation the winner can dish out. You can see it all in HD video.

Gay Wrestling Sex

To keep the action hot during wrestling matches, opponents earn points for erotic moves, in addition to taking control. Real winners know how to grab a handful of cock and balls or slap a stud on his ass. Other points can be earned for butthole exposure, crack licking, face sitting, pulling a jock strap over the head, and more. The final champ is selected based on a combination of erotic points and points for traditional moves like takedowns, leg locks and full nelson. When the winner is selected, he gets to dominate the loser in the sex round and make him his bitch for the day. That means the loser is going to get fucked and humiliated to the fullest extent. The winner will use the loser as his personal fuck toy, penetrating him at will, punishing his mouth and asshole with a stiff cock, striking him, and commanding absolute obedience. If the loser is lucky, he may be treated to a sympathy orgasm.

Gay Masturbation Fetish

Speaking of orgasms, sometimes you just want to give one to yourself. Our guys do to. But they like to turn on a camera so that you can watch. Enjoy the simple pleasures of solo men masturbating the way they like it.

Gay Masturbation Videos

Each of our masturbation videos features one of our sensual men whipping out his dick and handling it like pro. Stories include all kinds of wanking scenarios like this one:

A slim guy finishes swimming at the gym, and he realizes there's nobody in the locker room. His cock always gets a little stiff in the pool anyway. He might as well take advantage of the opportunity. He strokes his wet body as he looks around to make sure no one is around. His swim jock is usually there to keep his erection from being too obvious in public, but now he can pull it down and expose his firm dick. It's especially sensitive at first, after being strapped down. He begins to breath heavier as his fingers make contact. He strokes and squeezes in his favorite way. Nobody else does it as well as he can. He knows he might not have much time, so he jerks faster, trying to get himself off. His chest heaves as the pleasure builds. He feels himself getting close. With a final tight thrust of his hand, he blows an orgasm and barely manages to shoot it onto his gym towel. He stashes the evidence the puts his cock away before he heads off to the shower. Nobody will ever know. Except you.

If a scene like that gets you off, look forward to many more situations with guys wanking together in the locker room, stroking themselves at home and anywhere else they get a stiffy.

Gay Fetish Streaming Movies

Enjoy wrestling, masturbation and machine sex in streaming HD, or download the videos to enjoy later. As a bonus, you can view the previous live webcasts from each site you join. Watch the scenes that were driven by a collaboration between the director, the models and the members who asked to have their fantasies enacted live. Sign up now and see it all.

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